Display related posts without slowing down your website

Yuzo plugin works even quickly with thousands of posts, taxomonies, custom post type, tags. Can be added to the end of automatically posts, besides having many options for improved performance and speed.


The Pro version is 25% faster than version Free (Lite)

Easy to use

Customization, responsive, flexible, lighthweight, Easy to use

It works with most WP Theme

Yuzo Pro is compatible with 99% of WordPress themes, If you have any problems we’ll help you solve it.

Compatible with premium plugins

Yuzo Pro works perfectly with other premium plugin: AdRotate Professional, BackupBuddy, Copyscape Premium, Gravity Forms,
iThemes Security Pro, Yoast SEO Pro, others…

Shows what you want (your algorithm)

Forget plugins that only show you the same or random posts, Yuzo pro can create your own relationship algorithm based on what you want.

Combination of SPEED and FUNCTION

Setting Easy manipulation, Metabox, Widgets, Custom types, Taxonomies, Inclusion, Exclusion, Caching and more…


Features, Functionality, and Extensibility

(Here’s why smart people, bloggers and businesses love Yuzo, you will too.)




Create beautiful and attractive related posts in minutes, not hours

Yuzo Pro allows you to create visually stunning related posts that are optimized for the highest conversion rates (clicks = traffic).

You can create various shapes, colors, design, effects, fonts, variations and many improvements over the Lite version.

You can display the related posts below the content or space you want thanks to Yuzo functions, can also customize the titles with more than 700+ google fonts.

Statistics clicks

Yuzo Pro can help you improve increase your stats Because of clicks can be better if your related posts can introduce the reader to other Relevant content on your site.

In other words, they have the record of all clicks made by each posts and not just visits.



Easily visits/clicks test your ideas, and Increase your traffic

Visits/clicks testing helps you eliminate the guess work and make data-driven decisions on what works best.

Try different content, headlines, layouts, and styles to see what best converts with visits/clicks, for example if a posts does not have many clicks or visits can improve your image and headline to get more clicks this and improve their content. Remember that the content is king.

Measuring your results has never been easier

Stats that matter and take action to improve your lead generation strategy. With our built-in analytics, you can quickly find out how your yuzo clicks are performing. Analyze clicks, views, and overall conversion rate for each post.



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Unlimited sites
Increases visits
Priority Support
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Constant Updates
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All addons (soon)
Unlimited sites
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